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September 8, 2022

Blythe Construction Inc. Completes Central NC Acquisition

Blythe Construction Inc. Acquires Hanes Asphalt Paving Construction Company
With Hanes Construction Vice President, Corey Simerson, Hanes Construction President, John Pritchard shakes hand of Blythe Construction President/CEO, Alan Cahill to seal the deal.

Blythe Construction Inc., a Southeastern leading heavy construction firm has acquired Hanes Asphalt Paving Construction, an asphalt paving contractor based in Davidson County, NC. The official announcement was made at Hanes HQ, in Lexington, NC. The move to acquire Hanes first started around mid 2021 when Blythe discovered Hanes was strategically positioned between their current operations in Charlotte and Greensboro, NC. Another factor in the rationale for the acquisition, was the ability to broaden work mix in the Lexington-Greensboro market. Serious discussions began in November 2021. The process took nine months, and the deal was signed August 31, 2022.

“We are very pleased to welcome and have the Hanes Construction team join Blythe Construction, a division of Eurovia USA.” said Alan Cahill, CEO and President of Eurovia USA. “This addition of our group strengthens our position in the market and provides great strategic capabilities for both the Hanes brothers and Blythe.”

The acquisition of Hanes Construction Company fits into Blythe’s strategy to deliver professionally executed projects on time, on budget, and at maximum value to our clients. By purchasing Hanes, we will contribute to the overall ROPA margin of Blythe Construction and complement our existing sites of operation with an overlapping geographic location in central North Carolina. This acquisition will further Blythe’s goals of addressing commercial market opportunities in the Greensboro area and increase the plant capacity to help with the public market in the Davidson County community. This means safer infrastructure for Lexington, Thomasville, and the surrounding areas.

“We at Hanes Construction are excited to be a part of the Blythe Construction group.” said John Pritchard, President of Hanes Construction Company. “With the resources that Blythe Construction will provide, the brightest days for Hanes Construction are in the future, not the past.”

About Blythe Construction Inc.

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