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The Way We Work

Blythe Construction, Inc. is a subsidiary of VINCI Construction USA, one of the world’s top transport infrastructure construction and urban development companies.

The operations at Blythe Construction are part of a corporate network made up of over 400 business units and commercial entities operating in 16 countries including the United States. Each national, regional, and local structure retains its commercial and operational autonomy. This corporate architecture allows Blythe Construction to be responsive to local contracting needs, while also benefiting from a vast depth of resources.

As part of the VINCI Construction USA network, Blythe operates according to a set of key principles that are shared by all VINCI Construction USA subsidiaries. These principles inform every part of Blythe’s approach to business to guarantee overall performance and profitability

 These key principles influence every part of Blythe’s approach to business to guarantee overall performance and profitability:

Our number one priority at Blythe Construction is safety. No other aspect of our operations is more important than keeping our employees, subcontractors, and community partners safe. To this end, safety is never sacrificed for the sake of production or profit.

Every member of the Blythe team strives to achieve our company’s Zero Accidents Vision. This goal contributes to our industry-leading culture of safety that supports accident prevention as a way of life.

Our commitment to safety is reflected by the following industry awards :

  • Willis-AGC Construction Safety Excellence Award
  • NC Department of Labor Gold Award
  • NC Department of Labor Silver Award

At Blythe Construction, we take quality personally, because our company’s reputation for excellence is based on us delivering the highest standards of work quality—from the materials that we make, like asphalt and emulsions, to the workmanship of our tradespersons: we’re nothing without quality. Every contract we sign carries with it our commitment to giving clients the absolute best quality of services and products on the market.

Our commitment to quality is reflected by our numerous industry awards, including:

  • 2018 AGC Pinnacle Award
  • ACECNC 2016 Honor Award for Engineering Excellence
  • NAPA Quality in Construction Award
  • CAGC Outstanding Safety Performance Award
  • Mecklenburg County ACE Award
  • NCDOL Certificate of Safety Achievement
  • NCDOT Diamond Award

Research & Development is one of the pillars of Blythe’s business strategy. It is an inseparable component of our mission for sustainable development: our company relies on innovation to preserve the environment, protect user safety, and ensure the sustainability of infrastructure. Whether we’re developing new paving processes and materials like Recyflex and Viaflex, or implementing new operations to improve efficiency and streamline production, Blythe is able to remain a true industry leader by constantly striving for innovation.

Blythe Construction embraces its responsibility as an industry-leading contractor to protect the environment. We are proud of the role our company plays in preserving our natural resources for generations to come. Our eco-design innovations enable us to improve the energy-use and environmental performance of our shared infrastructure.

As we continue to move ahead in the 21st Century, Blythe recognizes the increasing need for environmentally conscious building practices. This demand has quickened the development of many of our most innovative solutions, and it continues to force our company to grow and improve its operations. At Blythe, we are evolving every day to confront the most pressing challenges of our times.

Throughout our decades in business, Blythe has remained deeply committed to the service we provide to our clients. No matter what project we’re taking on—from multi-million-dollar contracts for the NCDOT, to smaller-scale paving project for private developers—we are constantly looking for ways to engineer greater value for our clients.

In fact, our company’s mission is focused on this principle—we are committed to delivering professionally executed projects on time, on budget, and at maximum value to our clients. As a result of this goal, we’ve maintained long-term, successful relationships with numerous highly respected developers in the Southeast region. We look forward to new opportunities to grow our business, by continuing to exceed our clients’ expectations.

At Blythe Construction, our employees understand the impact our work has on local communities, because we’re community members ourselves. We consider ourselves personally responsible for improving the cities and neighborhoods in which we do business. To this end, Blythe is proud to have formed long-standing relationships with numerous local organizations. Together, we sponsor dozens of community programs and complete hundreds of service hours every year.

Blythe is proud of its numerous long-term community partnerships, including the following:

  • Adopt-a-Street
  • Druid Hills Academy
  • Loaves and Fishes
  • Royal Oaks Elementary
  • Purple Heart Homes
  • Second Harvest Food Bank
  • Toys for Tots
  • Angels and Sparrows
  • STEM Kids

Blythe Construction, Inc. is a company that takes pride in its past, while keeping an eye on the future. We’re leading the way through our culture of safety, innovation, and the continued education of our workforce. Our dynamic growth is driven by the skilled men and women who form the heart of our company. Our NAPA and Diamond Awards, as well as numerous project engineering awards, are proof of their dedication to creating our excellent reputation.

We’re making decisions today to ensure our continued success for generations to come. Throughout every branch of our operations, we are investing today for tomorrow’s bright future.